about bw-fcc GmbH

Founded in 2017, bw-fcc GmbH is engaged in providing services and solutions in the area of COBOL Application Modernization.

We strongly believe in the future of COBOL. But COBOL applications have to leave their legacy zone and open up for integration into a company's entire software landscape. With the creation of fccFrameWork we support this approach.



Mission Statement

Our initial focus is to identify clients who currently use COBOL and assist in their COBOL Applications Modernization efforts and deployment of new releases.
We provide consulting, ready-to-use software solutions, client specific COBOL development, support and maintenance in order to:

  1. protect our client’s know-how and investments in their existing COBOL application portfolio
  2. enable our clients to focus on maintaining their vital and proven business processes and functions implemented in their COBOL applications and continuously enhance these applications with ready-to-use fccFrameWork based functions and features covering all aspects of a modern, state-of-the-art application environment.



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